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Since 1986 the unique International Comic Workshop takes place annually in cooperation with the International Comic Salon. The week-long workshop that welcomes around 20 illustrators (both German speaking participants as well as international guests) is organized by the Cultural Office of the City of Erlangen. Run by Ralf Marczinczik who is joined by a team of internationally renowned artists, the seminar supports participants to either continue with an already existing larger graphic novel / comic project or to work on a specific topic that is announced a few weeks prior to the workshop. The originating works are presented to a wide public during the International Comic Salon. Quite often the seminar offers a glance into future comic artists' carriers. After all some of the former participants were: Isabel Kreitz, Uli Oesterle, Ulf K., Nicolas Mahler …

36th International Comic Workshop – 9 to 16 June 2022
Professors: Thomas von Kummant, N.N., N.N.
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