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Ariol. Wo ist Petula?

© Guibert / Boutavant / Reprodukt

Ariol. Wo ist Petula?byEmmanuel Guibert und Marc Boutavant

Translation: Annette von der Weppen


Extract (German)

Little donkey Ariol lives with Mama and Papa and spends his normal childhood with school, friends, enemies and a big, unrequited love for Petula. However, things seem to take a decisive turn one day when Petula unexpectedly invites him over ... Telling children's stories respectfully and without pandering, serious yet humorous and never preachy is a fine art. Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant accomplish this in their series “Ariol”. Together they have created a colorful menagerie of animal kids and adults who experience little everyday adventures filled with big feelings. Authentic voices alongside colorful, funny-looking drawings appeal to kids as well as their parents. “Ariol” is already considered a classic among children's comics. And if anything ever comes of Petula and Ariol? Well, you're just going to have to find out. Or ask your kids.