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ASH – Austrian Superheroes


ASH – Austrian Superheroes byHarald Havas u. a.

> nominated by the audience

Indiekator / Cross Cult

Extract (German)

Donauweibchen, Captain Austria, Lady Heumarkt and the Bürokrat – these are the superheroes of the alpine republic. Saving the world from within Austria, is that even possible? It is. And how! The artists of “ASH – Austrian Superheroes” have created a universe of indubitably equal power to that of their American peers. This hero mythology combines well thought-out and coherent characters with Viennese charm and jargon without sacrificing any necessary seriousness. Little details are frequently presented, allowing insight into the background of the heroes. The series was launched in 2016 and meanwhile consists of 24 issues, four anthologies and a card game. Alongside Harald Havas and Thomas Aigelsreiter, who are considered fathers of the Austrian superhero family, ASH is above all distinguished by congenial collaborations with many different artists. The public's enthusiasm is easily understood.