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Der Umfall

© Mikaël Ross & avant-verlag, 2018

Der UmfallbyMikaël Ross


Extract (German)

Fate strikes, of all times, on his birthday. Noel can't even tell you which birthday. But luckily he can ask “Mumsi”. His mother knows everything and has everything under control. And he loves her more than anyone else. That evening she had promised they would be together forever. But now, instead of in bed, she's lying on the floor, and there's blood. His mother's stroke changes Noel's life from one moment to the next. His safe world has disappeared. His new home will be the care facility for handicapped persons in Neuerkerode. For the first time, Noel lives in a community. Whom can he trust here? Will people like him? “Der Umfall” emerged for the 150th anniversary of the Protestant Foundation of Neuerkerode. Berlin-based illustrator Mikaël Ross spent time there while working on the project in order to present an authentic story. The result is a wonderfully light and life-affirming book, funny and deeply touching in spite of tragedy.