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Busengewunder. Meine feministischen Kolumnen

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Busengewunder. Meine feministischen KolumnenbyLisa Frühbeis

First published as "My 100 Days of Strangelife" in Berliner Tagesspiegel.


Extract (German)

"Why don't you do something about menstruation!" came the suggestion of an editor of the Berliner Tagesspiegel, for which Lisa Frühbeis drew a monthly column titled, "My 100 Days of Strangelife" from 2017 to 2019. Her feminist comic strips, which appeared originally as webcomics, now are united in a book titled “Busengewunder”. It's informative, smart, carefree and funny as well as on point in its social criticism. Lisa Frühbeis knows how to address societal taboos and shine a light on topics that aren't often discussed in public. Like, why should a woman wear a bra? Or shave her legs? Wear high heels? Lisa Frühbeis asks many questions and provides clear answers, too. She clears up common (patriarchal) misconceptions about gender roles, beauty ideals, sexual clichés and calls for equality while drawing, literally, an alternative image of women.