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Am liebsten mag ich Monster

© 2020 Emil Ferris. All rights reserved.

Am liebsten mag ich MonsterbyEmil Ferris

Translation: Torsten Hempelt

Panini Comics

Extract (German)

In the basement apartment of a building in Chicago in the 1960s, Karen lives with her cancer-stricken mother and her big brother – and a family secret. Her world is full of broken bodies and broken souls. The landlord is sick with jealousy of his wife. The lovely Jewish neighbor who was abused in Germany and survived a concentration camp. The best friend, a neglected little girl with an insatiable hunger. The guardian angel next door with strange scars on his face. And right outside the door? The mob. Karen's most fervent wish is to be bitten by a monster, so that she may become one herself. Because silver bullets, stakes and fire beat monsters, but monsters always beat cancer! Then she would bite mother and brother, they would stay together and show death who's the boss. Drawn with colored ballpoint pens on notebook paper, this family saga seems to arise almost incidentally, proving that you don't need a Red Sable brush from Winsor & Newton to create great comic art.