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Cassandra Darke

© Posy Simmonds / Reprodukt

Cassandra DarkebyPosy Simmonds

Translation: Sven Scheer


Extract (German)

It's about time! A fat and ugly lady on the other side of menopause as the main character of a comic! Cassandra Darke is egocentric, criminal and she walks over dead bodies. The unscrupulous gallerist got busted for selling forged artworks, and so her fortune, reputation and business were flushed down the drain. If she weren't so indifferent, she'd take her own life. When she lets the daughter of her ex husband and stepsister move into the ground floor of her house, she becomes entangled in a murder plot, and the life of this notorious loner changes radically. Once again, Posy Simmonds portrays people from different generations and classes, shakes them up and rearranges them into spectacular new configurations. “Cassandra Darke” is the illustrator and author's third graphic novel. “Tamara Drewe” and “Gemma Bovery” have been made into movies, surely Cassandra Darke will be, too!