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Der große Indienschwindel

© Splitter / Ayroles / Guarnido

Der große IndienschwindelbyAlain Ayroles und Juanjo Guarnido

Translation: Harald Sachse

Splitter Verlag

Extract (German)

No adventure has ever had to wait longer for its finale. Alain Ayroles' idea to take up where Francisco de Quevedos' picaresque 1626 best-seller “El Buscon” left off, is truly a great trick. After several rascal pranks and twists of fate, the vagabond and adventurer Don Pablos from Segovia took off for India, assuming it was America. However, the author didn't follow through with the announced continuation. Now, almost 400 years later, its time has come. A three-mast ship battles its way over stormy waters toward the New World. Of course, Don Pablos on board, but merely two pages into the story, he is flying head first into the waters. "You think you are in charge of your life," he groans, "but time and again, it's the opposite." And so begins a tumultuous odyssey through a wondrous world, amusing and exciting and stunningly presented by “Blacksad” illustrator Juanjo Guarnido. Already a classic.