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Der Magnet

© Lucas Harari / Edition Moderne

Der MagnetbyLucas Harari

Translation: Christoph Schuler

Edition Moderne

Extract (German)

Thermal baths are places at which, if you let go, time seems to dissolve. Reading the graphic novel “Der Magnet”, in which Lucas Harari tells the story of a gloomy secret, offers a similar experience. The thermal baths of the Swiss mountain resort Vals, celebrated masterpiece of contemporary architect Peter Zumthor, hide this secret. Harari's tale takes place in 2013, though it feels like one is immersed in a classic reminiscent of “Blake and Mortimer”. It all starts with the journey of Pierre, a Parisian architecture student who wants to get to the bottom of this supposed mystery. He dives ever deeper into the closed off world of this mountain village surrounded by snow-covered forests. Harari follows him in large format panels in the style of Ligne claire, achieving a timeless atmosphere by reducing color to black, red and blue and letting the images speak for themselves. “Der Magnet” is Harari's first big comic publication, an impressive first attempt.