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Der Schwindler

© Éditions Glénat 2016 by Rabaté

Der SchwindlerbyPascal Rabaté

after „Ibykus“ by Aleksey Tolstoy
Translation: Resel Rebiersch

Verlag Schreiber&Leser

Extract (German)

The saying “easy come, easy go” could have easily been invented for the hero of this graphic novel! Bookkeeper Semjon Newsorow, born under the sign of Ibykus, friend of the Gods, lives in turbulent times. The Russian revolution is approaching and adventurers and speculators are trying their luck. When a fortune teller predicts unheard of wealth, Newsorow decides to take fate into his own hands. But whenever the prediction seems about to come true, life throws something in the way. Count Alexey Tolstoy, distant relative of Leo Tolstoy, wrote the original novel, “Ibykus. The Immigrants” in 1924, one year after returning from exile in France and Germany. Pascal Rabaté has appealingly transformed it into a graphic novel. Tough as a cockroach, Semjon Newsorow always lands on his feet. As a consequence of collateral damage, he becomes by turns landowner, procurer, businessman, spy, refugee and game hall operator. And if he has not died, he crawls happily ever after.