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Die dicke Prinzessin Petronia

© Katharina Greve & avant-verlag, 2019

Die dicke Prinzessin PetroniabyKatharina Greve

First published in Das Magazin.


Extract (German)

It's so frustrating to stand in the shadow of your cousin, the Little Prince. He always gets preferential treatment, that little goody two shoes. Of course, her planet is smaller and more boring than her famous cousin's. On Petronia's tiny clump of stone there's only one season, and it's called Tristesse! For her birthday, her parents gave her Mirco, the snoring multifunctional worm, who at least makes space-time-travel possible. But distant stars are nothing more than old light, behind every planet lurks disappointment, and the coins for the payphone at the edge of the universe are all used up. Petronia thinks, before the Big Bang things were alright. The moody princess' episodes first appeared as a series in "Das Magazin" and are now collected in an anthology. If you think a spin-off of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's “The Little Prince” might be a meagre source for a comic strip, you'll soon find out that the world of fat Princess Petronia is by no means flat!