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Die Farbe der Dinge

© Martin Panchaud / Edition Moderne

Die Farbe der DingebyMartin Panchaud

Translation: Christoph Schuler

Edition Moderne

Extract (German)

“Die Farbe der Dinge”, the debut of Swiss illustrator Martin Panchaud stands out for aesthetic reasons. It is told from a bird's eye view. People are reduced to circles, distinguishable only by their colors, and objects are pictograms. At first glance it resembles a graphic experiment, then quickly becomes the exciting and touching coming of age story of 14 year old Simon Hope. The overweight outsider holds in his hands the winning betting slip on a horse race, worth millions. It's the beginning of a crazy road trip through Great Britain. It's striking how quickly the reader accepts this unusual imagery, animating the pictograms with faces and developing a deep empathy for Simon. “Die Farbe der Dinge” is a headstrong yet enticing comic. It appears experimental, yet is highly entertaining and expertly designed. This impressive storytelling makes the seemingly factual become emotional. A rare balancing act.