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Hexen hexen

© Pénélope Bagieu / Reprodukt

Hexen hexenbyPénélope Bagieu

after Roald Dahl
Translation: Silv Bannenberg


Extract (German)

For a boy who's just lost his parents, travelling to a luxury hotel by the sea with his beloved Grandmother is a decent distraction. Even if nobody lets you play by yourself and you don't find a moment of peace in the grand banquet hall. Because of all things, the annual meeting of all English witches is taking place right here! From his hiding place, the boy must witness how a little girl is changed into a mouse, a gruesome demonstration of a duplicitous plan: the witches intend, by way of 'Formula 86' to convert all the children in the world to mice and then destroy them. With “Hexen hexen”, Roald Dahl, who is known to adults as a master of subtle horror and explorer of the soul's abyss, offers an exciting story for children and an entertaining story for people who hate children. A quarter of a century later, the talented illustrator Pénélope Bagieu has created a racy comic, a 300 page unrelenting, veritable page turner.