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Ich fühl’s nicht

© Liv Strömquist & avant-verlag, 2020

Ich fühl’s nichtbyLiv Strömquist

Translation: Katharina Erben


Extract (German)

The scientist's precision, the punk musician's rough edges, the stand-up comedian's cheekiness and the feminist attitude - these define Liv Strömquist's comic essays. In “Ich fühl's nicht” she reflects on love in our late capitalist times of internet dating and tries to get to the bottom of Leonardo di Caprio's preference for bikini models. Strömquist contemplates love from different perspectives and takes us on a wild ride through some cultural history of the past centuries. In doing so, she addresses changing gender roles, algorithms and dating apps that find the perfect match, scientific explanations of love, rampant narcissism, achievement mentality and other factors thrusting romantic love onto the defensive. “Ich fühl's nicht” is a thoroughly rich, searching and exploring, highly thought provoking read. And lastly, “Ich fühl's nicht” is outlandishly funny.