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Lucky Luke sattelt um

© Lucky Comics, 2019. All Rights Reserved – by Mawil

Lucky Luke sattelt umbyMawil

Egmont Comic Collection

One could not have come up with a better title than “Lucky Luke sattelt um”. This Lonesome Cowboy, created by the Belgian Morris, dates back to 1946. In over 80 issues he rides across the prairie and stops scoundrels in their tracks. To score fresh points in this tried-and-true territory is not easy, but that's exactly what Berlin based author and illustrator Mawil succeeded in doing. Without further ado, Lucky Luke jumps onto his bike and makes his way on a speedy tour straight across the continent. However, Jolly Joker isn't his only disgruntled encounter. Indians fear the 'evil iron magic,' and a cunning entrepreneur who has become bored of his penny-farthing monopoly, should get the newfangled bicycle to its goal. Mawil, who won the Max und Moritz Award for “Kinderland” in 2014, magnificently manages to combine fresh ideas with classic motives and running gags to create a new fun-filled adventure that can already be considered a classic.