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Manno! Alles genau so in echt passiert

© Anke Kuhl / Klett Kinderbuch 2020

Manno! Alles genau so in echt passiertbyAnke Kuhl

Klett Kinderbuch

Extract (German)

“Manno! Alles genau so in echt passiert” is Anke Kuhl's charming account of her childhood. The true to life retelling becomes evident when “Frau Kuhl” is called into the treatment room. In 18 episodes she recounts funny as well as sad moments in the life of a girl and her sister. There was the fight over the favorite pair of underwear, complete with toilet brushes and ick factor, the fear of dogs, the catastrophes of her father's infidelity and her mother's near-death experience after a bad accident. The characters are lovingly drawn, but not prettified. Their facial expressions are impressively relevant and accurate. Even Blacky and Stupsi the bunnies' feelings are immediately recognizable. And the innocent interpretation of ABBA lyrics, “Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi ä Mänafa Mitleid” entertains parents too.