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© Matthias Gnehm / Edition Moderne

SalzhungerbyMatthias Gnehm

Edition Moderne

Extract (German)

Commodities trading, NGO's and heartache. These are the ingredients Matthias Gnehm adds to a currently highly relevant political graphic novel. Documentary filmmaker Arno Beder and environmental activist Paula fly to Lagos. They want to uncover a scandal about the illegal disposal of toxic waste. However, they are expected and end up in an increasingly threatening situation. “Salzhunger” is so convincing not only by virtue of its solid local research, its impulsive action full of surprising twists and turns, but also Gnehm's images. Energetic pencil and pen drawings are colored in a reduced pallet of dusty light brown tones. “Salzhunger” is a real thriller. The fact that not all characters are what they appear to be, nor do the bad guys appear where we expect them, keeps the reader on his toes all the way to the open ending.