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Schweres Geknitter

© @kriegundfreitag, Schweres Geknitter, Lappan Verlag

Schweres Geknitterby@kriegundfreitag

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Extract (German)

Tobias Vogel needs only a few lines and a few words to make his point. Under his pen name @kriegundfreitag he has been publishing short comic sequences and cartoons in which he deals with observations of everyday life, mind games and visual ideas. He shares these with his approximately 180,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Even if his amusing drawings seem simple at first, they're often remarkably complex miniatures in which he processes interpersonal, personal and political observations. Add to that a subtle play with meta levels: scraps of paper and other objects like coins or matches are added to the stick figures, and occasionally a crumpled up piece of paper reveals the handmade aspect while demonstrating an adept understanding of the possibilities of visual communication. How wonderful that this pleasure is now also accessible to those who read books made from paper and cardboard.