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Trubel mit Ted

© Émilie Gleason / Edition Moderne

Trubel mit TedbyÉmilie Gleason

Translation: Christoph Schuler

Edition Moderne

Extract (German)

Ted knows the production years of all movie classics. Without thinking about it, he knows the exact location of each book at the library where he works. Every day, he spends his lunch hour at the same restaurant, ordering the same coke and extra-large fries, always sitting at the same seat, of course. As long as Ted's life hums along these same predictable tracks, everything’s fine. But watch out if anything gets mixed up! Tubes for arms and macaroni-legged Ted was inspired by Émilie Gleason's brother. "A kind of UFO on legs", is how she describes him in the epilogue. His life takes a tragic turn after he is diagnosed as autistic. But before that it's a wild ride, told from Ted's point of view. He is the focus, and other figures fade to pale silhouettes. And what's more; the graphic layout is frenzied, explosive, direct and brightly colored – pure genius! A stupendously hilarious and shrill story. But we don't laugh at Ted, we laugh with him.