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Über Spanien lacht die Sonne

© Kathrin Klingner / Reprodukt

Über Spanien lacht die SonnebyKathrin Klingner


Extract (German)

"Über Spanien lacht die Sonne" is emblazoned on the cover, with a sweet bunny face. One rarely comes across such a slippery title.  For the continuation of this sentence results in one of the most common phrases of hate speech found on the internet: "… über Deutschland die ganze Welt." It is 2015, and refugees are seeking asylum in Germany. Kitty, Kathrin Klingner's alter ego starts working at an agency which finds and deletes commentary on the internet. A service whose existence we suspect, yet whose insanity we have probably not considered. Klingner knows what she's talking about, after all she lived the experience. She has seen the depths of society's abyss, which she shares with her readers. There are entertaining and funny episodes from her everyday work life with a motley collection of colleagues, while the trash removed from the internet seeps into Kitty's private life. Her extremely reduced drawing style along with alienated animal characters stand in appealing contrast to the realistic subject matter. Unsettling in the best way.